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Collating paper is the process of arranging printed and stacked sheets into a specific order. Paper collators are common paper handling tools to use after printing, but before binding, folding, booklet making and mailing. Collating will take a stacks of printed sheets and arrange them into a specific order containing one sheet from your first stack, one from your second stack, etc. For example, if you have one stack of cover pages, one stack of your first filler page, one stack of your second filler page, etc., adding a collating machine to your shop eliminates the need to manually put these pages in sequence, automating the process for much greater speed and reduction of operating costs. Choose from a manual collating machine for small offices and print shops, or even churches and schools, up to large, automatic paper collators built for high-volume and continuous workloads. When you buy a collator online, you can stop sorting paper by hand and greatly increase office efficiency.