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Any home office must include a paper shredder in order to securely destroy sensitive information. A shredder provides you with privacy and assurance while indispensably protecting your critical information. Choose a shredder type from the several models offered that satisfies your security needs. Most modern shredders can be relied upon to shred your documents in such a way that they won't be in any danger of being stitched back together by anyone. See a few of Spiral's currently discounted ideal office shredders below.

How shredders cut paper helps categorise them. Paper strips are sliced by strip-cut shredders. Cross-cut shredders chop paper into tiny strips. Micro-cut shredders divide confidential—and often secret—papers into tiny diamonds or confetti.

More than only paper sheets can be handled by modern shredders. A lot of the versions available today can cut through staples, paper clips, CDs, cards, and CD-ROMs. Some people can quickly empty even bulky envelopes filled with junk mail.

Speed, measured by how many documents you can feed the shredder one at a time, is crucial. The number of sheets you can shred at once and the size of the basket where the shredded paper is collected are both important factors. Other elements are run time, which refers to how long you can constantly feed material through the shredder before it has to cool down, and cooling-down time.

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  1. Refurbished Dahle ShredMATIC 35120 Auto-Feed P-4 Cross Cut Shredder

    • Shred Size: 1/8" x 3/8"
    • Shred Capacity: 12 Sheets
    • Shred Speed: 12 Feet / Minute
    • 90 Day Warranty


    Buy Now, Pay Later with financing options from $31/mo.Learn More >

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