Clearance Tab Reinforcement

Utilize the clearance Tab Reinforcement Labels from Binding101 to strengthen and revitalize your 3-hole-punched sheets. Use these self-adhesive, incredibly thin round label stickers to patch damaged or ripped holes in paper or reinforce punched holes in paper. The 1/4" diameter poly-vinyl ring stickers are meant to form a strong border around punched holes of a regular size to assist prevent tearing.

Proactively apply the tab reinforcement stickers, so your punched paper won't tear over time. Tab reinforcements  make it simple to reinforce freshly holes before they start to tear. Round labels with an inner diameter of 0.25 inches are these stickers. 

They are stronger than conventional paper due to their tear-resistant borders and excellent fit into standard-sized holes punched into sheets placed in ring binders. The small stickers don't make binders bulkier or interfere with page turning. These labels have an adhesive backing that keeps them firmly in place. They are available in sheets and strips.

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  1. Avery Clear Self-Adhesive Hole Reinforcements 200pk - Clearance Sale

    • Diameter :1/4 in
    • Locking Rings: No
    • Pockets: No
    • Material: Polyvinyl


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