Clearance Binding Supplies

We have discounts as high as 80% off retail pricing on a huge selection of binding supplies. Some items may be discontinued so we are selling out our stock, and some may simply just be overstocked in one or more of our warehouses, but all of these binding supplies on sale are brand-new and in their original packaging of full boxes. You can get unbeatable pricing on wire-o twin loop binding spines, gbc comb plastic binders, spiral binding coils, velo binding strips, and tape binding supplies. But hurry, because these deals are only available while supplies last.

Only select colors and sizes of binding supplies are on sale, so if you don't see the binding style, the color, or the size that you need, just click here to shop our full range of binding supplies available.

   • Spiral Coil Binding Clearance - Spiral coil binding, also called plastic coil binding, is an incredibly popular way to punch-and-bind because of the extreme durability of the binder coils, the huge variety of colors available, and their capacity to bind extra thick books. Spiral binders are most commonly available in a 4:1 pitch ("four to one") with 4 holes / 4 loops per inch of binding spine, but there is also a more specialty 5:1 pitch pattern used primarily in print shops. Lengths available include a 12" for letter size 11" binding edge, and an extra long 36" length; both can be cut down to the size you need using your coil cutter/crimper of choice. Spiral binding coils are considered mid-range for pricing, so you can save a lot of money when you buy them on clearance sale.

   • Plastic Comb Binding Clearance - Plastic binding combs, also called GBC combs, are incredibly popular for schools, print shops, restaurants, and engineering firms. They are an inexpensive consumable to keep on-hand, and can bind very thick books, and have the ability to be custom printed on, making comb binding one of the best ways to bind books. Even though the look of the plastic comb is not ideal for all users, the functionality and low expense makes them very desirable by businesses of all kinds. With our clearance pricing, you can get them for mere pennies each (sold in a full box), making the pricing even more impressive.

   • Wire-O Binding Clearance - Wire-O, also called twin loop or double-o wire, is one of the more professional and attractive ways to punch-and-bind. The wire consists of (yep, you guessed it) twin loops that are placed through punched holes and then closed to bind the pages together semi-permanently. Wire-O bindings are available in two different pitches (also known as the hole spacing) including both 3:1 pitch and 2:1 pitch binding spines (pronounced "three to one" and "two to one"). Different wire binding machines may be compatible with different pitches, so make sure to always buy a wire binding spine that matches the hole pattern of your punch machine. Wire bindings are traditionally one of the more expensive binding spine choices, so save big and buy them on clearance while supplies last.

   • Spiral-O Binding Clearance - Spiral-O is a combination of wire binding and comb binding; they are the look, shape, and wire material of a Wire-O binding spine, but with the hole pattern of a plastic comb. This essentially means that customers who already have a GBC comb punch machine can now upgrade their documents with a wire spine, without the need to buy an entire new wire punch machine. All they will need to add is a simple wire closer to finish the bind. Easy, presentable, and saving you money, buy clearance Spiral-O wire online today to save as much as 80% while supplies last.

   • Velo Binding Clearance - Velo binding spines, also called velo strips or sometimes VeloBind, are most often used in the legal industries as a way to permanently bind together briefs, contracts, and other legal documents. Velo binding uses two plastic strips that are actually melted together in a velo bind machine, creating the strongest punch-and-bind method on the market. They can only be taken apart with a specialty debinding took, making them ideal for final drafts and documents that cannot be tampered with. Velo binding strips have 11-prongs on one strip and 11-holes on the other. They can bind up to a 3" capacity, and are melted with the excess prong cut off to fit your exact document thickness.

   • Fastback Binding Clearance - Fastback is a brand of tape binding strips from Powis Parker that is the leader in the strip binding industry. They have a heat activated adhesive pre-applied to the tape strip, and the machines are incredibly easy and fast to use. Basically you just place your pages into the machine, the machine will tell you what size strip to use, and you just insert the strip into it; the machine binds your book for you. No punching is required, making it a no-hassle way to bind books. Fastback binding strips are available in several styles, including Super Strips, LX Strips, and Composition Strips. They can be a bit expensive, so these clearance priced Fastback tape binding strips are a breath of fresh air. Select colors and strip widths are on sale, and only available while inventory is overstocked, so get them before they're back at retail price.

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Clearance Binding Supplies
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