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Laminating is a must-have for print and copy shops of all sizes, and here at Binding101 you can find everything you need to create the premium-quality lamination that your business needs. Choose from either pouch laminating or roll laminating below to see the variety of the best laminating machines and supplies on the market.

Pouch laminating is the simplest way to laminate, and doesn't require any set-up to do different jobs, other than setting the temperature and speed of the machine. The laminating pouches are available in pre-made sizes that make quick, on-demand jobs simple and efficient to complete.

Roll laminating is ideal for higher volume lamination, or larger format prints like posters, signs, and more. Simply install a compatible laminating roll onto your machine, set the temperature and speed, and run your large document through. Many roll laminating machines can also mount onto foam boards in the same step.

No matter which style of laminating and encapsulating you need to achieve, you can trust that the equipment and supplies that you buy online at Binding101 is the highest quality, built to last and products output that will impress your clients.