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Cutters & Trimmers

Does your hand ache from cutting thick poster board all day? Yearning for straight, uniform edges on every paper flyer? If your professional industry or personal life frequently requires cutting or trimming large amounts of paper materials, it's time to throw away the scissors.

Invest in high-quality paper cutters or paper trimmers from Binding 101 to increase efficiency and precision in the cutting process. We carry a large collection of cutters from select brands — everything from guillotine cutters to automatic paper cutters — to ensure you find exactly the right product to suit your needs.

Our online selection of paper cutters can accommodate a wide range of paper volumes, from a single sheet to 700 sheets. Where some paper cutters are built to handle large volumes, like stack cutters, others are designed for precision, such as our rotary paper trimmers. Explore this page to better understand which product is for you.

Whether you work in a school or a print shop, our paper cutters guarantee a smooth, clean cut every time. Browse our cutter categories and buy paper cutters online today. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us and we will work to get it to you.