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Folding & Paper Handling

As a college, you have daily folding, jogging, and other paper handling needs. This includes making tri-fold brochures for current and potential students, letter folded documents for mailing, and more. With the paper joggers and paper folders below, it is easy to accomplish these needs quickly and efficiently for your entire university.

Paper folders have easy-set-up for the most common fold types, such as half-fold, z-fold, and tri-fold, but they also have adjustable plates to allow for more customized sheet folding. They offer consistent and professional-quality folding that requires little operator time or supervision. With these paper folding machines, you can eliminate the tedious manual chore of hand folding.

A paper jogging machine will cool a stack of newly printed pages quickly, as well as eliminate static and create a square stack, lining up the sheets perfectly. Whether used before folding, after, or both, a paper jogger makes it easier to handle printed pages, as well as speeds up the finishing process.

Does your school need to pay with a purchase order? We accept POs from schools and universities, so you can submit your PO and pay on Net 30 terms. It's simple: just email a copy of your formal purchase order with a valid PO number to info@binding101.com or fax it to (800) 440-8669, and include the best email contact where the invoice should be sent for payment.