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Akiles CardMac Pro Full-Bleed, Single-Pass Electric Business Card Cutter


The CardMac Pro has been manufactured by Akiles as a durable electric cutting machine that is more versatile than and other, allowing the user to create not only traditional business cards measuring 2" x 3 ½", but a selection of other pre-set card sizes including 1.77" x 3 ½", 5" x 3 ½", and more, as well as customizable sizes from as small as 1.18" x 3 ½" to as large as 9.84" x 3 ½" (the 3 ½" dimension is fixed). In addition to the versatility of card size, the CardMac Pro offers speed and convenience like no other in it's price point with single-pass cutting, meaning you only have to insert your sheets only once to produce perfect business cards. This electric business card slitter also offers a gutter cut that works perfectly for full-bleed business cards, so you are not limited to any particular card design. When you buy the Akiles CardMac Pro electric business card cutter online, you can produce professional-quality cards of many sizes from the comfort of your office, saving your business money and time.


Product Description


If you have been looking for an electric business card cutting machine that offers speed, gutter-cut, and ease-of-use, then the CardMac Pro is a great choice. This tabletop business card cutter produces standard 2" x 3 ½" business cards are speeds up to 50 cards per minute using the most popular 10-up cutter format. In addition to standard business cards, it also has the capability to be adjusted to create a variety of other card sizes, including several pre-set cuts for different paper sizes, as well as the ability to customize the cut size.

The CardMac Pro is also a gutter-cut business card cutter. This means that it creates thin strips of paper between each card, which is important when printing full-bleed business cards. Without this gutter cut feature, the ink from one card could appear on the edge of the card next to it. This feature helps you create professional-quality business cards, every time.

Another amazing feature of this small electric card cutter is the one-pass cutting; this means you only have to insert your sheet into the machine once to produce cards (most machines require two passes). The CardMac Pro uses two different blades to produce business cards (and other cards) in a single pass. The first blade is a rotary style blade that is fixed at the 3 ½", while the second blade is a guillotine style, and adjustable to create cards as small as 1.18" up to as large as 9.84". Replacement blades are readily available, and can easily be changed without any special tools, though some basic mechanical understanding is recommended.

Pre-Set Card Sizes
   ① 3 ½" x 1.77" (Letter / A4 Paper)
   ② 3 ½" x 2" [Standard Business Card] (Letter / A4 Paper)
   ③ 3 ½" x 2.2" (A4 Paper)
   ④ 3 ½" x 3.74" (A4 Paper)
   ⑤ 3 ½" x 5" (Letter / A4 Paper)
   ⑥ 3 ½" x Customizable Dimension (1.18" x 9.84")


Manufacturer Akiles Products, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number ACM-PRO
Brand Name Akiles
Operation Electric
Operating Method Electric
Power Voltage 110V
Speed 50 Cards / Minute [Standard Card Size, 2" x 3 ½]
Dimensions 22" W x 15 ½" D x 8 ½" H
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited
Can Cut Materials Paper [Maximum of 350 GSM Card Stock / 120 lb. Cover]
Sheet Size 8 ½" x 11" [Letter Size]
Capacity 1 Sheet
Cut Format 10-Up [10 Cards per Sheet]
Gutter Cut [For Full-Bleed Cards] Yes
Finished Card Size 2" x 3 ½" [Standard Business Card], 1.77" x 3 ½" , 2 ⅕" x 3 ½" , 3.74" x 3 ½" , 5" x 3 ½" , 1.18" to 9.84" x 3 ½" [Adjustable]
Product Weight (lbs) 32
Shipping Weight (lbs) 39

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