1/2" Blue Spiral-O Wire Combs [19 Loop] (100 / Box) Item#12N012BLUE
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1/2" Blue Spiral-O Wire Combs [19 Loop] (100 / Box) Item#12N012BLUE

Item #: 12N012BLUE
Brand: James Burn
  • Available in select colors and sizes.
  • Have the perfect hole spacing to fit with your plastic GBC comb punch machine.
  • Featuring 19 double loops for your letter size 8.5" x 11" paper.
  • 11" Long
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These Blue Spiral-O 19-Loop Wire Binding Spines are twin-loop wires that are made in a plastic comb binding pitch, creating a total of 19 loops across a letter size 11" binding edge. This means they can be used with your plastic comb punch to create a more professional looking document than traditional plastic combs. Spiral-O wire combs are available in several sizes from 1/4" up to 1", so you can bind documents as thin as just a few pages, up to about 210 sheets, depending on the paper stock. They are packaged with 100 bindings per box, and are available in 4 stocked colors, including black, white, silver, and blue.
How to Bind with Spiral-O Wire
   ① Punch your pages with your plastic comb punch machine (or use pre-punched comb paper)
   ② Insert Spiral-O wire into the holes
   ③ Close the wire with a wire closer (such as the Durawire)


ManufacturerJames Burn
Manufacturer Part NumberSPIRALOBL-GRP
Compatible Supplies & Accessories19-Hole Pre-Punched Paper
19-Hole Pre-Punched Clear (Front) Covers
19-Hole Pre-Punched Vinyl (Back) Covers
Compatible EquipmentPlastic Comb Punch Machines
Wire Closers
Binding StyleSpiral-O Wire Combs
Sheet SizeLetter Size [8 ½" W x 11" H]
Number of Rings19 Rings
Length11" Long


With Blue Spiral-O 19-Loop Wire Binding Spines, you can produce professionally bound wire documents using your standard plastic comb binding punch machine or pre-punched comb paper. They have the clean look of traditional twin-loop wire bindings, but with a unique loop spacing that allows them to fit into 19-hole plastic comb punched pages. This means that you can use your comb machine to produce premium bound wire documents with Spiral-O wires! All you need is a wire closer to complete the bind, and you're done! No need to invest in a new punch machine.

Spiral-O wires are packaged with 100 spines per box, and are conveniently separated with chip board strips to keep the spines from getting tangled. They are available in sizes from small 1/4" diameters for a maximum of about 25 sheets*, up to 1" diameters for a maximum of about 210 sheets*. Choose from several classic colors, including black Spiral-O, white Spiral-O, silver Spiral-O, or blue Spiral-O. All sizes and colors are 11" long for your letter size documents measuring 8 ½" x 11", and feature 19 double loops.

Ready to add class and style to your plastic binding system? Buy Spiral-O 19-loop wire binding spines for your comb punch pattern online at Binding101 today.

Spiral-O Binding Capacity Chart:

Simple steps to get the proper fit for any type of binding - Coil, Comb, or Wire.

  1. Take the book being bound and lay it flat on a table
  2. Don't compress the paper and measure the thickness of the binding edge
  3. Take the measurement and add 1/8" - that will be the size of the binding element
Spiral-O Wire DiameterPitch (Loops on 11" Edge)Sheet Capacity*Book Thickness*Quantity / Box
1/4"19 Loop11-25 Sheets1/8"100 Wires / Box
5/16"19 Loop26-45 Sheets3/16"100 Wires / Box
3/8"19 Loop46-65 Sheets1/4"100 Wires / Box
7/16"19 Loop66-80 Sheets5/16"100 Wires / Box
1/2"19 Loop81-100 Sheets3/8"100 Wires / Box
9/16"19 Loop101-120 Sheets7/16"100 Wires / Box
5/8"19 Loop121-145 Sheets1/2"100 Wires / Box
3/4"19 Loop146-165 Sheets5/8"100 Wires / Box
7/8"19 Loop166-185 Sheets3/4"100 Wires / Box
1"19 Loop186-210 Sheets7/8"100 Wires / Box


*Sheet capacity determined using 20 lb. bond paper. Capacity may vary depending on paper stock, covers, and other materials being bound.

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