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Are you looking to buy book repair supplies online to fix a damaged text in a pinch? Maybe the spine of a favorite book is wearing out? Or your child accidentally damaged a library book, and you want to avoid the wrath of your local librarian. Whatever the reason, the need for a book repair kit is an important need and we are here to help. Binding101 has it all -- whether you need to repair book spines, a library book, or anything in between. We have all the DIY book repair supplies you'll need to save the day.

We offer a large variety of book restoration supplies to help you care for your books and keep them in pristine condition for years of enjoyment. Libraries, book club members, and more can take advantage of these easy to use supplies. Book covers and corner protectors will help extend the life of your book and prevent further damage. Book repair materials like repair kits, cloth tapes, and flexible adhesives will help you fix damaged books. Our kits come in three options ranging from minimal repair needed to more extensive care and repair to meet your exact needs with ease. While we offer an extensive range of kits to help you restore and repair this beloved item back to the state it deserves, we also offer individual literary binding supplies to help with certain areas of concern. Choose from items such as cloth wings, corner protectors, hinge repair tape, fabric repair in several common colors, and more. Find everything you need with our affordable inventory of high-quality solutions.

We encourage you to invest in your books now to avoid future damage and additional expenses down the line. Book restoration and repair is a fairly simple process that can quickly and inexpensively restore books to near-original condition with the right tools, saving you money in replacements. Don't wait to take advantage of these excellent supplies to protect and care for your books long term. Explore our website to buy book repair materials online today. Please email or call us at (866) 537-2244 with any questions and we will gladly assist you further on the matter.

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Care & Repair

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  1. Flip-Top Magazine Storage Box

    • Store and protect your magazines, catalogs and pamphlets from dust, dirt and spills.
    • Front-Display provides a large view of the magazine cover.
    • Metal reinforced edges offer extra strength and durability.
    • Color: Gray

    Starting at: $12.59

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  2. Filmoplast® Fabric Book Repair Tape (Price per Roll)

    • Made of natural cotton cloth and features waterfast dyes (non-bleeding) and a release liner.
    • The solvent-free, pH neutral acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive requires no machine, and will stick with just pressure.
    • Material: 10 Mil Cotton Cloth
    • Tensile Strength: 22 lbs.

    Starting at: $76.99

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    Filmoplast® Fabric Book Repair Tape [Gray, 3" x 33 Yards] (1 Roll) Item#06BRFCFBRTGRY06BRFCFBRTGRY
  3. White Fabric Book Repair Tape (Price per Roll)

    • Repair worn and torn hard cover books
    • Made of a durable and flexible 11.5 mil cloth
    • Features a 40 lb. tensile strength and a waterproof vinyl coating.
    • Flexible, offering give for opening and closing your book without tearing the tape off.

    Starting at: $28.59

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  4. Kapco® Easy Bind® Tyvek® Hinge Repair Tape (Price per Roll)

    • Offers an exclusive 1/8" peel and place centering strip.
    • Size: 1 1/4" W x 100" L
    • Color: White
    • Material: 7 Mil Tyvek Tape


  5. Slide-Out Magazine Storage Box

    • Size: 11" x 3 1/2" x 10"
    • Color: Gray / White
    • Material: 60 pt. Barrier Board, Metal Reinforced Edges / 8.0-9.0 pH, 3% Calcium Carbonate Buffer
    • Quantity: 1 Piece


  6. Curved-Top Magazine Storage Box

    • Protect your magazines when not in used, and display them in an organized manner, keeping them standing upright.
    • Feature metal reinforced edges.
    • Made of a 60 point barrier board.
    • Acid and lignin free.

    Starting at: $13.69

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  7. Book-Aid® Corner Protection Cloth (Box of 96)

    • Features a release back liner with adhesive.
    • Long-lasting 11.5 mil cloth.
    • Protection for book cover corners with no cutting or measuring required.
    • Add an attractive and protective look to your hard-cover books

    Starting at: $33.59

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    Book-Aid® Corner Protection Cloth [White] (96/Bx) Item#06BRBACPCWT06BRBACPCWT

7 Items

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