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Create the most professional reports with hard covers for binding. They easily let you elevate your presentation game, and truly stand out from the crowd. Whether you are presenting to a VIP client, making photo books, or anything in-between, a hard cover can help you achieve the perfect finished look. We offer two-piece cover sets that can be punched and bound, as well as wrap-around covers for thermal binding, and even wrap-around covers that don't require a machine at all.

At Binding101 we offer a vast selection of hard covers for all if your binding needs. Whether you're looking for thermal binding covers for use with your Coverbind or Fastback machine, single-piece hard covers for use with any of your punch machines, or hard covers that don't need any machine at all.

Hard covers add something extra to presentations; the look and feel of a rigid cover elevates your essence to a new level. But with our prices, your clients will have no idea how little you spent of these premium covers.

Anything you need, and any binding method of choice, we can help by getting you the best quality hard covers available. If you need help while you shop, please give us a call at (866) 537-2244.

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  1. Size 8.5" x 11" (Portrait) with Window
  2. Brand Spiral
  3. Material Leather
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