Akiles DuoMac 431 Dual Binding Machine for 4:1 Coil & 3:1 Wire-O
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Akiles DuoMac 431 Dual Binding Machine for 4:1 Coil & 3:1 Wire-O

Item #: 04AKDUPMAC431
Brand: Akiles
  • Two Punching Throats: 4:1 Plastic Spiral Coil & 3:1 Metal Wire-O
  • Punches up to 20 Sheets at a Time
  • Disengageable Punching Pins
  • Includes 1 Year Akiles Warranty
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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Combine two of the most popular document binding solutions into one machine with the Akiles DuoMac 431. This binding machine punches two patterns to handle both plastic spiral coil binding and twin loop wire binding. The coil punch pattern is a standard 4:1 pitch with round holes (0.250), and the wire punch pattern is a 3:1 pitch with square holes. This means that you can punch for the full range of spiral binders up to 50mm (or about 440 sheets*) and with 3:1 wire-o binders up to 9/16" (or about 120 sheets*). With the DuoMac 431 there is no need to spend money on two machines that take up a bunch of your tablespace. Instead, you can punch and bind for low to medium volumes of books from one fairly compact machine.


Item # 04AKDUPMAC431
Manufacturer Akiles Products, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number AMD-431
Binding Style Plastic Spiral Coil & Wire-O
Pitch / Punching Pattern 4:1 Coil with Round Holes (0.250) & 3:1 Wire with Square Holes
Wire Punch & Bind Capability Yes, Manual Wire Closer Attached
Coil Punch & Bind Capability Punch Only, Manually Insert Coil By-Hand
Maximum Punching Capacity 20 Sheets (20 lb. bond copy paper)
Punching Length 14" (13" for Coil) with Open Ends for Longer Sizes
Disengageable Pins Yes - 100% for Coil, 5 for Wire)
Compatible Supplies Plastic Spiral Binding Coils
Actual Machine Dimensions ( L x H x W) 15-3/4" x 16-1/2" x 19"
Shipping Length 19"
Shipping Width 21"
Shipping Height 13"
Shipping (Web) Weight 64.1 Lbs.
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Spend less time switching out dies while saving money on equipment investments when you choose the DuoMac 431 from Akiles and Binding101. This innovative machine is ideal for low to mid-volume users who want the ability to punch and bind for both wire-o and spiral coil, without the budget to pay for two separate machines or a heavy-duty interchangeable die machine. Instead, the DuoMac accomplishes the two most popular documentation binding styles from one fairly compact machine.

With two independent punch openings (punching throats), you can quickly create a wire book and then go straight to a coil book without any setting adjustments. Independent punching handles gives you complete control of your machine, and depth margin adjustments let you choose how deep you want the holes placed on your pages. The 14" edge has an open-end, which allows for up to 28" binding lengths if you flip your pages and punch a second time. Plus, disengageable punching [pins let you customize the top and bottom edge margin for perfectly centered holes on any size document. This wire and coil binding machine is a perfect fit for many kinds of offices or businesses.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to punch and bind for both wire and coil bindings
  • Works with 4:1 pitch spiral coils and 3:1 pitch wire-o twin loop spines
  • Independent punching handles and openings
  • Punches round holes for coil and square holes for wire
  • Integrated vertical wire closer with adjustments for various wire sizes
  • Wire hanger for easy hanging of your pages
  • Spiral coil inserting accomplished by-hand by rolling the coils in (optional electric inserters available)
  • Manual punch + manual binding for lower-volume use
  • Adjustable punching depth margin controls
  • Adjustable side margin control
  • Punch opening ruler for easy alignment of pages
  • 14" punching edge + open-ended edge for longer pages
  • Disengageable punching pins to customize the binding edge
  • Easy-to-empty waste drawer
  • Diameter scale to help you choose the best binding spine size for your book
  • Heavy duty manufacturing and design
  • Free coil crimpers are included

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