Sheet Lifters

Sheet lifters are the pieces of plastic you insert at the front or back of a ring binder to keep the pages flat. It can help with larger binders that have a lot of filler paper, especially, making it easier to flip the lage stack of pages to close the binder after use. We offer several different kinds of sheet lifters, both curved, flat, and triangular/boomerang. We also have a few colors to choose from, including black, natural, and white. Browse our collection of sheet protector binder accessories below.

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Sheet Lifters

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  1. Wilson Jones Durable Easy Flow I Sheet Lifters (W364-99) - 20pk

    • Protect your pages and allow them to be easily lifted over the rings
    • Slanted shift lifter allows you to easily lift sheets over rings
    • Color: Black
    • Quantity: 20pk


  2. Flat Sheet Lifters

    • Available in 2 Sizes
    • Gauge: .045
    • Color: Natural White or Black
    • Quantity: 1PK, 100/Box or 250/Box
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  3. Wilson Jones Boomerang Easy Flow II Sheet Lifters (W364-89) - 20pk

    • Potect your pages and allow them to be easily lifted over the rings
    • Prevents pages from being trapped under the rings, avoiding wrinkling and curling
    • Color: Black
    • Ring Type: D or Round


4 Items

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