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Make on-demand index tabs from the comfort of your office with these world-leading tab cutters. Perfect for print, copy, and mail shops as a way to cut quick turn-around jobs without having to setup a large automatic cutter, these divider cutters will turn plain square-cornered paper into professional tab dividers. Businesses who want to make their own index tabs to avoid the need (plus cost and lead time) to outsource are also a popular buyer of these cutting machines.

These Onglématic tab cutters from James Burn are premium tab divider cutters that can help your business make index tab dividers whenever you need, and from any variety of paper stocks, cardboard, and even some poly plastic materials. This versatility of material means you don't have to limit your design; dream it and achieve it with the Onglematic tab divider cutters. In the below comparison chart you can compare some of the most noted specs for each model we offer. Just click on the model to read more about them individually, or call us at (866) 537-2244 or email with any questions.

ModelOnglematic O3Onglematic O5P
Cut Action Manual
Tab Setup Action Manual Electric/Automatic
Tab Cut Sizes 1/2 to 1/12 Cut
Number of Tabs 11" Edge: 2 to 12
8 ½" Edge: 2 to 9
Tab Height 1/2"
Tab Corners Rounded

The cutting action itself is the same for both; guillotine cut style with a handle that you pull down. You can see that the primary difference between these two Onglematic divider cutters is how the machine paper guides move. The manual O3 cutter is completely manual, so you set up the magnetic paper stops and cut all the position 1 tabs for your set, then move the paper stop to cut the position 2 tabs for your set, and so on. For the manual/electric O5P cutter, however, this action is automated, making it faster and more convenient, especially when cutting higher volumes of tabs.

These tab cutters produce premium-quality cut index tabs without requiring much workspace. Their small footprint makes them perfect for quick turn-around and other on-demand job requirements. They are easy to use and manufactured with top-quality materials.

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Tab Cutters

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