Collated Exhibit Tab Divider Sets

Exhibit sets are printed tabs with the word "EXHIBIT" that are sold in a collated set for either letters or numbers. So you can buy a pack of "EXHIBIT A" through "EXHIBIT Z", or "EXHIBIT 1" through "EXHIBIT 100", etc. Choose from side or bottom dividers.

All of these indexes are Avery style, which is the most popular kind of printed tab. They are made on an 80# bright white index, printed in a Helvetica bold, all-caps font on both sides, and have a clear mylar coating added to the extensions for added durability. There isn't an easier way to sort and organize paperwork than by using a basic index tab divider. At Binding101, we stock a variety of pre-printed exhibits indexes that make filing simple, and clear. They offer a simple and effective solution for filing your papers of any kind.

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Exhibit Sets

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  1. EXHIBIT A - EXHIBIT Z Collated Avery Side Letter Tabs (Pack of 26 Tabs)

    • Tab titles printed both sides (Tumble Style)
    • 80# White Index
    • Clear Mylar Reinforced Tabs
    • Orientation: Side Tab


2 Items

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