Straight Collated Copier Tabs

Straight collated copier tabs are sold in 1-2-3 order, meaning that the top tab in the set is in position 1, the 2nd tab in position 2, etc, with the last tab in the set at the bottom of the page. Straight collation is typically how tabs appear once they're bound or filed into binders. Although it seems like straight collated tabs would be the most common choice, they are actually more rare and, therefore, are made-to-order and require an average of about 5 business days to produce plus transit time. All sales are final, and cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded.

Straight collated index tabs are available in various cuts (or tab sizes) from 1/3 cut (3-5/16" long tabs) to 1/10 cut (1" long tabs). Some specialty, more unique cuts are also available in this collation. You can also choose from plain paper tabs with no coating, and mylar coated tab extensions for added durability. Some options also come in either a 90# or 110# index stock, so you can choose from durable paper to ultra-durable paper. The mylar coating is typically offered in a clear, drastically expanding the life of your tabs to prevent tearing, but some options may also be available in a colored mylar for easy organizing/labeling.

Whether you need no punching or with 3-hole punching, prepped for ring binders, you can find the straight collated printable index tab dividers at Binding101. Call us at (866) 537-2244 for help finding the perfect fit for your needs.

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  1. 1/5 Cut Straight Collated Copier Tabs

    • 8.5" x 11" Body with 1/2" Tab Extension
    • Tab Cut: 1/5th Cut (5 tabs on 11 inch edge)
    • 90# white index stock
    • Compatible with a variety of high-speed copiers including the DocuTech and Xerox DocuColor series printers

    Starting at: $108.39

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  2. Mylar Straight Collated Copier Tabs

    • Made of a 90# white index stock.
    • Built to be compatible with a variety of high-speed copiers including the DocuTech and Xerox DocuColor series printers.
    • Unprinted Tabs.
    • Orientation: Side Tab

    Starting at: $144.49

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4 Items

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