6-Ring Memo Size Binder Mechanisms

With our 6-ring memo size binder mechanisms, you can quickly and conveniently bind miniature pages that measure 6 inches high and 4 inches wide. Although that is the traditional size used, there really isn't a width limitation, since these are loose binding spines that don't limit you in that way. The spacing of the rings is standard for memo sized documents of this size, documents, featuring two groups of three rings with 3/4 inches between the rings and 1.5 inches between each grouping. Use ring binder spines as a way to securely bind loose, hole-punched pages, or as a unique way to create journals, calendars, planners, and custom ring binders. You can pair with our binder rivets and rivet setter tool to bind the ring binder hardware onto a custom chip board sheet.

The rings are available in either 1/2" or 3/4" diameters, so depending on your choice, the sheet capacity can range from about 110 sheets up to 150 sheets of standard 20 lb. copy paper. They have boosters on the ends to make for easy opening of the rings without pulling them and risking damaging their clasp integrity.

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6-Ring Memo Size
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