6" Gripper Adhesive Table-Top Sign Holder (10/pk)
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6" Gripper Adhesive Table-Top Sign Holder (10/pk)

Item #: 88KI108535
Brand: Binding101
  • Great for displaying promotions, price lists and so much more.
  • Feature adhesive on the bottom.
  • Wider base offers stability.
  • Color: Clear / Milky
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3" Gripper Adhesive Table-Top Sign Holder (10/pk) Item#88KI108526 88KI108526
3" Gripper Adhesive Table-Top Sign Holder with Hinge (10/pk) 88KI108520


These gripper adhesive table-top sign holders offer a stable and clean way to display signs, promotions and point of purchase displays. The "gripper" fins on these sign holders allow for a thicker poster or paper to be displayed, as they will grip thin paper and thicker boards up to 0.08" thick. They offer a 1/2" height, 1" depth, and an adhesive bottom to help with stability and prevent falling or being knocked over. You can buy adhesive gripper table top sign holders online in either 3" or 6" lengths. The 3" option also comes in either a standard holder style, or a hinged style that allows for turning the sign forward and back. These hinged sign holders are most often applied vertically onto walls. The adhesive is strong, and will work well with most flat, clean surfaces.


Shipping Weight (lbs) 2
Manufacturer KinterĀ® [K International, Inc.]
Manufacturer Part Number SIGNHOLDADHSTD GRP
Capacity* Grip Capacity: 0.08"
Dimensions 1" D x 1/2" H
Quantity 10 / Box
Color Clear / Milky
Product Type Adhesive, Tabletop
Magnetic No
Self Adhesive Yes


Gripper Sign Holders are great for displaying promotions, price lists and so much more. The gripper fins hold sign securely in vertical (flag) or horizontal position. These gripper sign stands feature adhesive on the bottom that will adheres to clean, flat surfaces. The wider base offers stability. 

Two styles to choose from: Standard and Hinged. Standard sign holders will hold your documents firmly in place. The hinged option is perfect for mounting signs in high traffic areas because the flexible hinge will swing and return back to its original position when bumped.

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