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Accessories & Blades for RB Sun HS-100

Item #: HS100BLADE-GRP

Accessories & Blades for RB Sun HS-100

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Product Name Price Qty
Springs for HS-100 Handi-Scor [2 / Set] Item#05RBSHS10019
Rubber Feet for HS-100 Handi-Scor [1 Set] Item#05RBSHS10017
Fine Perf Blade for HS-100 Handi-Scor [1 Blade] Item#05RBSHS10013
Plastic Guide for HS-100 Handi-Scor [1 Guide] Item#05RBSHS10021
Coarse Perf Blade for HS-100 Handi-Scor [1 Blade] Item#05RBSHS10014
Scoring Blade for HS-100 Handi-Scor [1 Blade] Item#05RBSHS10012
Blade Holder Bolts for HS-100 Handi-Scor [Set of 2] Item#05RBSHS10018
Base Pad for HS-100 Handi-Scor [1 Pad] Item#05RBSHS10011
Rulers for HS-100 Handi-Scor [2 / Set] Item#05RBSHS10016
Perf & Scoring Blade Set for HS-100 [1 Coarse 14-Perfs/Inch, 1 Fine Blade 10-Perfs/Inch, 1 Score Blade] Item#05RBSHS10015
Blade Holder Assembly for HS-100 Handi-Scor Item#05RBSHS10010


When you buy accessories and blades for your RB Sun HS-100 online, you are extending the life of your machine by reducing the extra force required when using a dull blade, and ensuring that your finished documents always look professional and clean. The most inexpensive way to upkeep your Handi-Scor is to replace the wearable blades. We offer only factory-direct blades from RB Sun Enterprises for the HS100 Handi-Scor, so you are receiving a manufacturer-made product, ensuring perfect compatibility and quality.




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