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Staplex® S-620NFS Double Headed Electric Stapler

Item #: 04STXS620NFS

Staplex S-620NHL Double Headed Electric Stapler
Header Cards [Primary Application]
Staplex S-620NHL Double Headed Stapling
Staplex S-620NHL Adjustable Head Staples
Staplex S-620NHL Adjustable Heads
Staplex S-620NHL Setting Features
Staplex S-620NHL Adjustable Depth
Staplex S-620NHL Front-Load Staples
Staplex Foot Switch (Included)

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With the Staplex® S-620NFS electric stapler, you can create your header cards for retail display quickly and easily. Header cards are the paper labels that are stapled to bags with product in them, and then they are often hole punched and placed on retail display racks; take a look at the sample in the image gallery to the left. This stapler was made in the USA and built to staple 3/4" or closer to the bottom of the cards. This automatic stapling machine comes with a footswitch to activate the stapling, as well as a backstop for perfect placement of staples as deep as 4 ¼". With an adjustable space between the staples from 2" up to 7 ¼", you can create retail header cards,and more, of many sizes. Depending on the staples used, when you buy the Staplex® S-620NFS double headed electric stapler online you can staple through as many as 40 sheets of 20 lb. paper at a time.

Staplex S-620NHL Double Headed Electric Stapler

Staplex® S-620NFS Double Headed Electric Stapler





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