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MBM AC0694 Long Blade Perforator (Compatible with 352F)

Item #: 05MBMAC0694



The MBM AC0694 Long Blade Perforator installs easily into the MBM 352F Friction Fed Paper Folder and will produce a premium perforation line with 3 holes per inch. The long blade is typically used for thicker paper stocks, but can be used with any machine-compatible paper stock. A medium and short blade perf are also available. The difference between a "standard" and a "blade" perforator is that the "blade" perforation creates actual cuts through the page that help reduce the look and feel of the bumps that occur naturally on the back side of the perforation. This offers the most professional and smooth finish, ideal for people wanting the highest quality presentation.

MBM AC0694 Long Blade Perforator (Compatible with 352F)




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