5-3/5" x 7-3/10" COVID Vaccination ID Card Cold Laminating Pouches (5 Pack) – Clearance Sale
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5-3/5" x 7-3/10" COVID Vaccination ID Card Cold Laminating Pouches (5 Pack) – Clearance Sale

Item #: 013747221
Brand: GBC
  • No machine required - cold/self-laminating pouches are pressure-sensitive
  • Don’t risk damaging the sticker data on your cart with a thermal system
  • Just place your Covid ID card in the pouch, peel the liner, press down, and trim the edges
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CLEARANCE SALE – Available only while supplies last

A future where we need quick access to our COVID ID vaccination card is right around the corner, and so proper protecting of this valuable card is a necessity. Don’t risk damaging the digital aspects of your card with hot lamination. These pressure-sensitive COVID ID vaccine card pouches solve that problem, completely encapsulating your card with no machine or heat; just place your card into the pouch, peel off the liner, press down to seal, and trim the edges. You can use the included slot pre-punched to hang onto a lanyard or badge clip or trim it off to place in your wallet. These are the best COVID ID pouches to protect your vaccination record cards, and they are in-stock and sold in a pack of 5.


Item #013747221
Manufacturer Item #3747221
Pouch Size5-3/5” x 7-3/10”
Vaccination Card Insert Size3” x 4”
Thickness8 Mil
Pouch TypeSelf-Laminating/Cold
Compatible WithCOVID-19 ID Cards / Vaccination Record Card
Shipping Weight1 lb
Quantity5 Pouches / Pack


A future is likely right around the corner where we may need to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 to attend certain events, travel to certain areas, enter certain government buildings, and other possibilities. Having your vaccine card handy can also be used to streamline possible booster shots. This means your vaccination card will be handled frequently, leading to the very likely probability that it will be bent, tear, get worn edges, and be damaged beyond repair.

To counter this, some users have mistakenly used the traditional thermal laminating pouches paired with a heated pouch laminating machine to protect their card. Unknowingly, the heat produced with this method damaged the labels and stored data in the card, rendering them unable to be scanned and properly utilized.

But that is not a problem anymore; introducing new Covid ID self-laminating cold pouches, the best way to protect your vaccination ID card from damage. These unique self-laminating clear pouches offer an incredibly fast, effective, and simple way to fully encapsulate and protect your vaccine ID card from damage such as tears, bends, scratches, and liquid spills.

COVID-19 real vaccination ID cards are 3” x 4” and feature barcodes and stickers with technology that allows them to be scanned to pull up additional data. These vaccine ID card pouches are 5-3/5” x 7-3/10” and feature a pre-punched slot on one end. The oversize allows you to choose whether you want to trim the edges off and store in your wallet or elsewhere, or to utilize the slot and attach to a neck lanyard, retractable badge holder or other ID accessory. You can trim them with a pair of scissors or any basic rotary trimmer. The clear gloss finish makes it easy to read and scan any text or barcodes on the card


Key Features:

  • No machine is required for use – anyone can laminate their own vaccination card safely and quickly
  • Durable 8 mil thick lamination to offer a blend of flexibility and strength
  • Fully encapsulated card is protected from dirt, tears, bends, and liquid
  • Easy to sanitize or wipe clean as-needed
  • Slot punched hole allows for optional use with various ID accessories such as lanyards, retractable badge holders, and more


How to Use:

  1. Open the pouch and place your vaccination card inside
  2. Peel off the liner to expose the cold adhesive
  3. Press down onto your card, rubbing from middle-to-edge to ensure no bubbles form
  4. Trim the edges to fit your card, leaving at least a 1/4-inch border on all edges

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