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27" Smooth Mount Mounting & Laminating Machine Item#04AGSML27

Item #: 04AGSML27

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With the new 27" Smooth Mount mounting and laminating machine you can produce professional-quality mounted prints quickly, efficiently, and easily. Made in the USA, this unit feature adjustable heat and speed settings that let you tailor the machine to your specific application. These adjustments help ensure you get the smoothest mounted print, no matter what kind of board you are using. The Smooth Mount machines work well with pouch boards, heat activated mounting boards, MountCor boards, and even self-adhesive boards because of the ability to adjust the temperature setting. In fact, it will work with nearly any mounting board up to 1/4" thick and will run at speeds between 1 and 5 feet per minute. Whether you run a print shop, are a professionally photographer, or a part of any other business that needs great-quality prints produced on demand, buy the 27" Smooth Mount series laminating and mounting machines online for the perfect solution.

Smooth Mount Instructions:

   ① Plug it in, press the power button on the back, and press the "on" button.
   ② Set the temperature using the up / down arrows next to the display.
   ③ Press "run" to start the rollers, and set the speed using those up / down arrows.
   ④ Place the extension arms onto the rear table.
   ⑤ Place your print onto your board of choice, covering if applicable, and place it into the Smooth Mount.

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Product Description

When you buy a 27" Smooth Mount laminating and mounting machine online at Binding101, you will quickly see how you can produce the highest quality mounted prints affordably and quickly, with no hassle. Using these unique mounting machines you get versatility with the ability to work with MountCor boards, pouch boards, heat activated boards, self stick boards, and any other rigid board up to 1/4" thick. Switching from one board to another with a different thicknesses is easy, as the rollers are spring-loaded to automatically fit to your board, providing the perfect pressure without special settings. The heat adhesive technology paired with this perfectly determined pressure ensure professional results, no matter what your application may be.

The Smooth Mount series laminating and mounting machines will meet the demands of print shops, photo studios, and offices of many sizes. They are made of all-metal construction in the United States for durability, so you can buy with confidence. They feature a clear safety cover that will protect your operators, while also giving you a clear view to the inside of the machine. Digital controls including adjustable temperature, adjustable speed, reverse, and stop functions are simple to use, while offering customization for different applications. This means you can set a lower temperature for heat-sensitive photos, or a higher temperature for more finicky adhesives. On the top of the machine is a guide with suggested starting temperatures and speeds for several board types and popular applications. The heat setting can go as high as 300°, while the speed setting as high as 5 feet per minute.

How to Use the Smooth Mount machines:

   ① Plug in the your Smooth Mount unit and press the power button on the back of the machine.
   ② Press the "on" button on the control panel, and set the temperature using the up / down arrows next to the display screen.
   ③ Press the "run" button to start the rollers, and set the speed using the corresponding up / down arrows.
   ④ While warming up, place the extension arms onto the rear table to create a stable exit tray. When these are not in use, they can be easily stored underneath the machine.
   ⑤ Once the desired temperature is achieved and the speed is set, line up your print on your mounting board of choice, and place a cover over the print, if applicable. Place the print into the machine.


And it is as simple as that! The board will exit onto the extension arms and rest securely while it cools, without having to catch it on the other side. This ensures a flat print, as touching the board while it is still hot could bend or distort it. If you need to stop the machine from running, press the "stop" button, or if you need to reverse a board that is already inserted into the machine, press and hold down the "reverse" button.


Item # 04AGSML27
Manufacturer Stover Graphics
Manufacturer Part Number PBML2725
UPC/EIN 0834313009180
Operating Method Electric
Included Supplies & Accessories Starter Box of MountCor Premium Adhesive Boards [25" x 37" Boards] (10 Boards)
Compatible Supplies & Accessories

MountCor Mounting Boards
Pouch Boards
Heat Activated Boards
Laminating Pouches

Power Voltage 110V, 11Amps
Speed Variable [1 to 5 Feet / Minute]
Dimensions 32" W x 16" D x 12" H
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited [Parts], 6 Month Limited [Rollers]
Country of Manufacture USA
Size 27"
Warm-Up Time 20 Minutes
Temperature Range Variable [Up to 300°]
Maximum Thickness 1/4" Thick Boards
Maximum Width 27" Wide Boards
Digital Control Panel Yes
Reverse Function Yes
Stand-By / Power-Save Mode No
Auto-Shut Off Yes [2 Hours]
Shipping Weight (lbs) 70
Product Weight (lbs) 65

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