24" x 36" Self-Stick Recyclable Paperboard Mounting Boards [1/8" Thick] (15/Box)
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24" x 36" Self-Stick Recyclable Paperboard Mounting Boards [1/8" Thick] (15/Box)

Item #: 80AGF550454GB
Brand: Binding101
  • 1/8” thick solid paper boards by Independent Corrugators
  • Self-stick pH-neutral permanent recyclable adhesive on 1-side
  • Cuts crisp & clean, easily, with smooth paper board surface
  • Compare to 1/8" foam boards
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With new recyclable mount boards, you can improve your environmental impact by replacing plastic and foam core boards that take hundreds of years to decompose, with recyclable mount boards.

This thin mount board makes a great alternative to traditional self-stick adhesive foam board. The core is dense and the surface lining is a similar smooth paperboard surface, which makes them function similarly to standard foam core boards, offering stability, easy cutting, and a professionally mounted print.

They are coated with recyclable, water-based E-Series recyclable adhesive which is a solid adhesive layer without a plastic carrier. With this specialty peel-and-stick adhesive, you can create your professional mounted prints. With a self-adhesive adhesive mount board, there is no requirement for expensive equipment (though you may choose to use a cold mounting/laminating machine).

These boards are 1/8” thick and available in a white color. They are blue bin recyclable as-is, so you can recycle them with the rest of your recyclable waste, depending on the print you mount. This is the premier sustainable alternative to foam-centered peel-and-stick boards. Choose from many board sizes, including 20" x 30", 24" x 36", 36" x 48", 40" x 60", ad 48" x 96".


Item # 80AGF550454GB
Manufacturer Independent Corrugators
Size 24" x 36"
Thickness 1/8”
Color White
Core Solid Paperboard
Surface Smooth paperboard
Adhesive E-Series Recyclable, Self-Stick, Permanent Adhesive, 1 Side
Shipping Weight 24 lbs
Shipping Method UPS


These mounting boards are 100% recyclable, including even the adhesive, making them the perfect replacement for plastic or standard self-stick foam core boards, which take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose.


Manufactured to top-quality standards by Corrugated Graphics, these boards have a solid paperboard core that is recyclable and exceptionally durable. The facing of the boards is a smooth paperboard and one side features E-Series Recyclable Adhesive that offers a permanent mount for your prints. Choose from many board sizes, including 20" x 30", 24" x 36", 36" x 48", and 40" x 60". They are 1/8” thick and cut cleanly and easily to fit the size you need.


Key Features:

  • Earth-conscious - Recyclable as-is, even with the adhesive.
  • E-Series Adhesive – Coated with permanent, recyclable adhesive. Water-based adhesive is a solid adhesive layer without a plastic carrier. Conforms to TLMI RCA standard, FDA 175.105, and CONEG standards. The adhesive has a high tack and adheres permanently to most papers to the same papers as adhesive foam boards.
  • Cuts Clean – The dense core and smooth surface combine to be easy to cut, creating straight and clean finishes. Great for presentations.
  • Blue Bin Recyclable – Self-adhesive boards can be disposed of with your corrugated boxes, depending on the image that is adhered to, and local standards. It is a sustainable alternative to foam-centered boards.
  • Robust – Durable boards are designed to last.


When it comes to making business operations more eco-friendly, we could all use a little help. Switch to our innovative, durable, and high-quality recyclable self-adhesive mounting boards for an easy step in the right direction.

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