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Spiral Binding Plastic Coils


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Spiral bindings are made of continuous plastic coil that is spun through a series of closely spaced round holes, (the most popular spacing being 4:1 pitch) and then has the edges crimped in. Plastic spiral binder spines have the ability to turn pages a full 360°, so they can lay flat. Spiral coil bindings are durable and keep their shape, even after bending, making them the ideal choice for schools, travelling sales people and other industries where books will be frequently handled. Choose from a huge variety of colors and sizes ranging from 6mm (1/4") up to 50mm (2")

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Product Description

Spiral binding coils offer a more modern and durable way to bind books over the traditional comb spines. Plastic spiral binder spines are made of continuous plastic coil, similar to a phone cord. To bind, these plastic coils are spun through a series of closely spaced round holes, (the most common spacing being 4 holes per inch, called a 4:1 pitch) and the edges are then crimped in. A benefit of spiral binding coils over many other binding methods it that, once bound, books that the ability to flip pages completely around a full 360° without damaging the contents, so so they can lay flat and stay flat. Great for office presentations, school story books and more. Our spiral coil bindings are durable and keep their shape, even after bending or with excessive use, making them great for schools and other industries where books will be frequently handled. The variety of colors available is vast, with colors including black, white, clear, red, blue, maroon, green and more! We even offer special-order colors, custom colored coil, and custom cut sizes. Sizes range from 6mm (1/4") up to 50mm (2") allowing for books as thick as about 440 sheets of 20 lb. bond to be bound.

  Coil Diameter     Sheet Capacity (20# Bond)     Approximate Book Thickness  
  6mm   5 - 35 Sheets    1/4"
  7mm   36 - 47 Sheets   9/32" 
  8mm   48 - 60 Sheets    5/16" 
  9mm   61 - 70 Sheets    23/64"   
  10mm   71 - 80 Sheets    3/8" 
  11mm   81 - 90 Sheets    7/16" 
  12mm   91 - 100 Sheets    1/2"
  13mm   101 - 110 Sheets    17/32" 
  14mm   111 - 120 Sheets    9/16" 
  15mm   121 - 130 Sheets    19/32" 
  16mm   131 - 140 Sheets    5/8" 
  18mm   151 - 160 Sheets    23/32"
  20mm   161 - 170 Sheets     3/4" 
  22mm   181 - 200 Sheets    7/8" 
  25mm   211 - 230 Sheets    1" 
  28mm   231 - 250 Sheets    1-1/8" 
  30mm   251 - 270 Sheets    1-3/16" 
  32mm   271 - 290 Sheets    1-1/4" 
  35mm   291 - 320 Sheets      1-3/8" 
  40mm   321 - 350 Sheets        1-1/2" 
  45mm   351 - 390 Sheets    1-5/8" 
  50mm   391 - 440 Sheets    1-3/4" 

Important Note: Book thickness is based on a loose-book including covers. To measure the thickness lay your full book on a table and let it lay loose (do not press down) and measure the thickness.


Name Spiral Binding Plastic Coils
Shipping Weight (lbs) 0.0000
URL Key spiral-binding-plastic-coils
Manufacturer BUY101
Compatible Equipment No
Material No
Type No
Binding Style Spiral Binding
Maximum Binding Edge 11"
Pitch / Hole Pattern No

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