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Saddle Stitching & Booklet Making

Saddle Stitchers & Booklet MakersBinding101 offers saddle stitchers and booklet makers to meet your every need.  Electric saddle stitch machines are available for all volume users. A booklet maker creates folded books with staples along the spine. There are two ways to make booklets. The first is by using a saddle stapler, which will not fold your documents, so you simply fold them ahead of time, set them on the “saddle” and activate the stapler. Saddle stapling machines are available in manual and electric units. The second way to make a booklet is by using a booklet maker, which will fold and staple your books, speeding up the process and eliminating some of the manual labor involved. Booklet making machines are available in manual and electric models to meet the demandsof all users, whether they create a few booklets per week or several thousand. Both booklet making techniques are extremely easy to accomplish and can be done with little or no training. Booklet making systems and saddle staplers are ideal for thin books such as programs, newsletters and real estate guides.