Pantone® Plus Series Buyer's Guide

Pantone® Plus Series Buyer's Guide
The Pantone® Plus Series is the next generation of the Pantone Matching System® for multimedia graphic design. For nearly 50 years, Pantone® has been the worldwide leader in color communication. Today, the Pantone Matching System® remains the unrivaled standard for color specification and reproduction throughout the graphic design and printing industries. Pantone® anticipates evolving trends and production technologies so clients have the right tools at the right times – responsive, innovative and streamlined color systems to empower graphic and print professionals to conceive with foresight, create with insight and produce with efficiency. Pantone® investigated new color and finish options made practical by emerging technologies. Pantone® studied the impact of digital applications on the creative and production processes. Finally, Pantone® considered the globalization of customers’ industries and the need to communicate color standards internationally. The result is the Pantone Plus Series® of color specification and matching tools – the world’s next generation of color communication.

Learn more about the changes of the Pantone Plus Series with this printable PDF

Pantone® Plus Series Paper Stock:
The new Plus Series products are printed on text weight paper in order to more closely match the most often specified paper stocks today. Coated Plus Series products are printed on #1 grade 100# gloss text stock (148 g/m2), replacing the 80# cover. Uncoated Plus Series products are printed on premium grade 80# text stock (118 g/m2), replacing the 90# text stock. FSC Certification. All paper stocks used in our new Plus Series are manufactured from trees harvested in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines for responsible forest management. *The optical brightener content in these papers is very close to the content in the guides produced since 2003. The use of optical brightening agents was demanded by the design community based upon their desire for guides that match production materials as closely as possible. *Pantone Certification SW-COC-003183; certified 5/7/08.

Pantone® Plus Series Tools:
    Color Checker Lighting Indicator:
    Quality of light has a major impact on color appearance. Many production decisions are made under uncontrolled lighting conditions, which can result in unexpected print results and difficulties in color communication to the printer. Making a color-critical decision under the wrong lighting conditions can lead to costly and time-consuming mistakes, and greatly compromise the final product.Recognizing this challenge, all Pantone Plus Series® Guides now include a ColorChecker® Lighting Indicator to analyze the viewing conditions in your color evaluation environment and warn of critical deviation from the correct light color temperature. This easy-to-use tool will instantly show whether current lighting conditions are suitable for color evaluation by indicating any departure from daylight viewing conditions.

Pantone® Plus Color Checker Lighting Indicator

    ColorChecker Primer:
    Included in both coated and uncoated versions of The Plus Series Color Bridge is a ColorChecker Primer that provides a standard of comparison for true color balancing of digital images. The ColorChecker Primer target provides a higher level of color creativity and control, including two of the four elements of the ColorChecker Passport’s Creative Enhancement Checker: Portrait White Balance and HSL (hue, saturation, lightness)correction using 12 color patches designed for image editing with a simple click of an eyedropper. One neutralizing and three incremental warming patches enable precise and repeatable control of white balance. Image color can be creatively refined. For example, warmth can be added to skin tones or the cast of a light can be eliminated simply by clicking through the patches to view each adjustment and selecting the one that provides the desired look. Settings can be saved and applied to other images that were shot under that same lighting, to create pleasing edits.The HSL patches include eight spectrum patches to ensure color fidelity across all hues and to allow for evaluation and editing of color shifts. The HSL patches directly relate to the HSL Sliders in Adobe® Lightroom® and ACR® (Adobe Camera RAW) for tighter integration with those solutions.The ColorChecker Primer works equally well under studio and natural lighting conditions, and in virtually any RAW processing software.

Pantone® Plus Color Checker Primer

Pantone® Plus Series Software:
The new Pantone® Color Manager Software enables instant updating of Pantone® Colors in digital design applications. Since it is very difficult to coordinate Pantone® Product releases with major design software releases, Pantone developed this software to easily update all major design applications (Adobe Creative Suite®, QuarkXPress, Corel) with the new Pantone® Plus Series colors – no need to wait until the applications themselves integrate the new color systems and data into their respective applications.The software includes many new features, including a function that allows you to convert solid colors to CMYK color simulations based on an ICC profile, ensuring you have the best possible simulation for your specific printer and paper. Additionally, with the introduction of new colors, new printing conditions and adherence to evolving ISO measurement conditions, Pantone® will re-measure the colors in our systems and provide new data to Pantone® licensed software solutions. Pantone® Color Manager Software is downloadable free with the purchase and registration of any Pantone® Plus Series product. This software is also available for purchase separately.

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