Pouch Laminating

Pouch Laminating
Pouch Laminators are the most popular and least expensive method of laminating. These machines are compact tabletop units designed for laminating applications up to 14" wide. There are three types of heating configurations that pouch laminators use: heat plates, heat shoes and heat rollers. Older models of pouch laminators use heat plates. These work best for simple black and white copies. Heat shoes are commonly found in roll laminators as well as pouch laminators. The heat shoes provide a better quality than the heat plates, however heat shoes in pouch laminators can cause paper jams. The most consistent and dependable heating method is the heated silicon rollers. This feature is always recommended when laminating photographs.

Book covers, photographs, cookbook pages, ID badges, small signage, etc...

  • Protective
  • Durable
  • Clean
  • Wide variety of sizes and thicknesses (mil)
  • Economical

  • Limited to a maximum size of 12" x 18"
  • Tedious for large jobs

Laminating Steps:
  • Heat laminator to suggested temperature.
  • Insert document into laminating pouch.
  • Insert pouch into carrier.
  • Feed carrier into laminator.
  • During the laminating process, the adhesive melts and bonds to the document. As the adhesive cools, it hardens, creating a permanent seal between the paper and the film.
  • For Adhesive Laminating Pouches: Peel the back liner off, and stick the pouch wherever you wish.

  • Air Bubbles: Laminator is running too hot. Lower temperature and try again.
  • Milky Spots: Laminator is running too cold. Increase temperature and try again.

Selecting A Pouch Laminator:

In today's market, there are hundreds of laminators to choose from. When searching for the perfect pouch laminator for your specific needs, you should consider the following:

    1) What is the largest size sheet you will be laminating? Pouch laminators are available in a variety of sizes. Binding101 offers pouch laminators capable of laminating product up to 11-1/2" x 17-1/2", and there is even a special wide-format pouch laminator available for your large items. Applications larger than this will require a Roll Laminator. Be sure to consider not only the size you will be doing immediately, but any sizes you might need to use in the future as well.

    2) What mil (thickness) will you be using? Many Pouch Laminators are limited to running thinner lamination film, usually up to 3 or 5 mil. This film produces thinner, more flexible product. For thicker, more rigid results, a 7 or 10 mil film is necessary. Make sure that the Pouch Laminator you choose is is capable of handling the mil thickness you prefer for your documents.

    3) What is your volume? Speed is an important factor when choosing a Pouch Laminator. For example, if you are laminating high-volumes of documents at a time, then you don't want a laminator that only goes 12 inches per minute. Instead, you would want one than can do over 100 inches per minute. Production speed may not matter as much for low volume output, however with higher volumes, saving seconds per unit can make a significant difference and help keep costs down.

    4) What is your application? Many Pouch Laminators are designed for specific applications. Some are designed specifically for basic copy paper with only light-coverage black print. For applications such as these, a heated-plate lamination system (typically the least expensive) will work fine. Other Pouch Laminators work well with photographs and specialty paper with fill-coverage printing. For applications such as these, a heated-roller lamination system is the optimum choice. Many pouch laminators also offer the ability to do Foiling; an increasing trend that allows you to add attractive foil accents on your documents.

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